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The London Independent Film Festival (LIFF) is the premier event for first and second-time film-makers, micro-budget and no-budget films in the UK. LIFF offers a fantastic opportunity for indie filmmakers to showcase their achievements, with spaces reserved for first and second time filmmakers and for films that have been overlooked by other events.

LIFF presents the best of low-budget filmmaking from around the world, and mixes it up with relevant industry discussions and targeted social networking events. LIFF’s audience is London’s sizeable independent filmmaking community. It’s an indie film festival for indie filmmakers. 

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Festival Selection and Programme

All films are available for the whole festival period 9-18 April 2021. All feature film tickets are accompanied by Q&As with the directors and/or talent involved.

Check out this filmmaking masterclass with LIFF 2021 special guest Howard J Ford who shares his life, career and top tips for filmmakers!

Link: https://youtu.be/AptkqCXJNXQ

A panel full of tips and tricks for filmmakers to maximise their PR & Marketing strategies! On the panel are Cindy Maram from Dig IN Magazine http://www.diginmag.com who is our official U.S. Press Partner, and Rebekah Louisa Smith who runs The Film Festival Doctor https://www.thefilmfestivaldoctor.com. The panel is hosted by Natasha Marburger, director of LIFF. More information on the festival can be found at www.liff.org

Link: https://youtu.be/n5cB9XBLW1U



We are thrilled to invite you to @diginmag’s @londoniff Instagram Live Series this week hosted by #DigINMag.com Founder/Editor-in-Chief @cinmaram taking place at 11:30AM PST / 2:30PM EST / 7:30PM GMT from tomorrow, Tuesday (4/13)-Thursday (4/15), as well as Saturday (4/17). This week we welcome: Tuesday (4/13): “Midway LIFF Festival Update” with Director @natashamarburger Wednesday (4/14): Director Aaron Truss of ‘(K)nox: The Rob Knox Story’ (@robknoxfilm) Thursday (4/15): Director Ruben Pla of ‘The Horror Crowd’ (@thehorrorcrowd) Saturday (4/17): Dr. Rebekah Louisa Smith (@rebekahfilmdr) and ‘Losing Grace’ (@losing_grace_film) filmmakers Athena Mandis (@athena_mandis) & Liz Farahadi (lizfarahadi) Please join us on IGLive to discover what we’ve been up to so far during the festival, what’s still to come, as well as learn more about some of our favorite films featured.

Come and join us at 7.30pm UK time to catch the award-winners. Grab a drink and mingle with fellow festival-goers and filmmakers alike.

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Topic: LIFF 2021 Closing Night Awards Ceremony
Time: Apr 18, 2021 07:30 PM London

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'Give Them Wings' is based on the true story of severely disabled football fan Paul Hodgson. 

Paul was diagnosed with childhood meningitis aged just 10 months old his parents were told he would never move or speak and would probably not live past the age of 5, Paul is now 55 years old and has gone on to become an award-winning film producer and screenwriter.

'Give Them Wings' is Paul’s incredible journey to acceptance. The film is set in 1989 when Paul and takes us through a journey of heartbreak, suffering, discrimination, love, struggle and finally his father accepting him for who he is.


A British tourist is stuck in Granada, Spain with a broken heart. Feeling lost and abandoned, he befriends a group of young foreigners and crashes into the heart of the international student scene. He pushes himself out of his comfort-zone and tries to restart his life but behind every corner is a reminder of his ex-girlfriend and his struggle to find closure. A love letter to Granada that mixes documentary with fiction to create a real and authentic heartfelt examination on the process of self-discovery.

Ticket link: https://watch.eventive.org/london/play/605cc069e016fd0030c96a2e

A documentary film offering a fun-filled and poignant journey that is sure to put a smile on your face.

Guinea Pig Diaries shows us firsthand the special bond between humans and their pet guinea pigs, revealing stories much more compelling than we could have ever imagined. Our relationship with this small furry animal has been part of the “domesticated pet” culture for centuries. But it is through this unique film that audiences get a rare and unfiltered look into the lives of this often misunderstood rodent and the interesting people who adore them, breed them, show them, and rescue them. Through each of these personal stories we reveal that it is in fact the guinea pigs who often liberate and heal the souls of the very people who believed their purpose was to care for these small and wondrous creatures.

Ticket link: https://watch.eventive.org/london/play/605cc4c561f22d0029ef0ad4

(Huntington Beach, CA)—After 30 years of living openly gay in Santa Ana, California, Archer Altstaetter, a dance teacher and handyman, returns to his small hometown of Botkins, Ohio (population 1,164), where he has been invited to be a featured performer in the annual “Miss Carousel” pageant. HOMETOWN PROUD follows Archer as he resolves to enhance Botkins’ annual summer festival with a dash of rainbow pride.

Ticket link: https://watch.eventive.org/london/play/605cc3207618e50094c9e0d2


18-year-old Rob is out celebrating his big break in Harry Potter when he learns that his little brother has been threatened at knife point. He and his friends rush to disarm the man but during the struggle, Rob is stabbed several times and is killed. Now his family must try to navigate their grief and anger while under the ever-watchful eye of the invasive British media machine. Meanwhile, more young people than ever are losing their lives on the streets. Something has to be done.

Ticket link: https://watch.eventive.org/london/play/605cc635d0d5d200372c8176


Marcus has a checkered past and an unstable present. As he struggles mightily with mental illness, unexpected news brings a new opportunity for him to right old wrongs and make amends. He leaves his life behind and sets off on an adventure to find purpose, forgiveness, and redemption. But Marcus will have to face the consequences of his past life and overcome the greatest obstacle of all in order to find happiness: Himself.

Ticket link: https://watch.eventive.org/london/play/605cc2929cfabd006212f021

The Clearing follows the story of a journalist studying the effects of a storm that has been continuing to swell over Appalachia for 5 months with no sign of stopping.

While she and her colleague are on route to continue ongoing interviews with survivors about strange psychological behavior following the storm, she inexplicably wakes up alone in an empty jeep, parked in a clearing, surrounded only by Appalachian wilderness. After realizing the car will not start, she makes the bold decision to find her way back to civilization on foot, despite being lost.

While on foot, vivid recurring thoughts and visions of personal childhood trauma begin to manifest around her, as she draws perplexing similarities between her past and the testimonials she has been collecting. Growing increasingly obsessed with the introspective connections she shares with the interviewees’ stories, she finds herself unable to leave the woods, instead mysteriously returning to the clearing.

Ticket link: https://watch.eventive.org/london/play/605cc53961f22d0029ef0b3f

To overcome the fear of losing his ill and aging grandfather, a forensic photographer needs to uncover the truth behind the alleged suicide of an elderly man.

Ticket link: https://watch.eventive.org/london/play/605cc3f98d3c160045685c39

Fear…the most primal of human emotions.










What made the creators of these films dream up the nightmares that kept us up at night?  Were they as strange and twisted as their creations?


And what about today’s creators of horror?  Who are the minds behind the macabre of present day?


A revealing, intimate documentary from veteran actor insider Ruben Pla, THE HORROR CROWD spotlights the Hollywood horror community, covering such wide-ranging topics as Women In Horror, Race Relations, Being The Weird Kid, Sparking The Imagination, Helping Each Other, Film Festivals, and The Dark Side.

Ticket link: https://watch.eventive.org/london/play/605cc71a76361200aad33e97

After Miranda (Elisabeth Rohm) calls the cops on her son Aiden (Edouard Philipponnat) and he gets arrested for drug possession, he is given a terrible choice by Detective Wall (played by Cameron Douglas): either go to jail or become an informant and bring down a dangerous Drug King Pin, Local Legend (Eric Balfour).
Aiden falls into a downward spiral, mourning his love Layla (Kerri Medders) and dragging down his best friend Blake (Nadji Jeter) and his girlfriend Liz (Jessica Amlee).

Ticket link: https://watch.eventive.org/london/play/605cca5e4acd270084142379

Tally, a disllusioned songwriter drifting through life, finds her inspiration renewed at an atmospheric Cornish cliff-top house and records a single analogue copy of her new album. When corporate lawyer Leo is drawn into Tally’s world of music and mythology, the implications ricochet through both their lives with the tape acting as a talisman, helping those who encounter it to truly come alive.

Prolific, inspirational actor and “little guy” Mike Edmonds is joined in this extended version of a much loved short by Michael Palin, Colin Firth, Terry Gilliam, Danny John Jules, Star Wars producer Robert Watts, costume designer Vin Burnham, crime author Mark Billingham, and a host of other actors, producers, directors and other industry professionals.

No ordinary film biopic, Under the Radar follows Mike from his mischievous Essex childhood through a 40-year acting career, encompassing scene-stealing roles in Time Bandits, Return of the Jedi, Maid Marion and Her Merry Men and a host of other blockbusters, stage plays and TV series.

A natural talent and a consummate professional who’s willing to sacrifice comfort (and occasionally safety) for the sake of a role, Mike has turned disability (achondroplasia/dwarfism), with all its challenges, into ability. He’s also the glue that held a hundred casts together.

Told in Mike’s own words, and with a memorable selection of clips, photos and stylised animation it’s both fascinating and heart-warming. A joyful cinematic journey.

Ticket link: https://watch.eventive.org/london/play/605cf50fd0d5d200372cac2c


  1. Bucky by Danny John-Jules
  2. Mayflower by Mac Pettit
  3. Disappearing Pathways by Michael Covello & Elizabeth Schneider
  4. Absence-Présence by Antonino Chiaramonte
  5. Cyber Dream by Yanush Ahy

Ticket link: https://watch.eventive.org/london/play/605ceb4fa7c5b5005ab14db6


  1. A Godless Country by Jesse Richardson
  2. Losing Grace by Athena Mandis
  3. Soundman by Debi Bradshaw
  4. The Joy of Growing Pineapples by Simon Hutchins
  5. Benchmarks by William Grave

Ticket link: https://watch.eventive.org/london/play/605ceb9c4acd2700841442f1

  1. The Social Doctor by Matteo Valentini
  2. Reflections of Entanglement by Alice Karveli
  3. The Red Pen by Raffaele Gabrielli
  4. The Horsemen by Lucas Pelizaro
  5. Pest by Martin Taylor

Ticket link: https://watch.eventive.org/london/play/605cebf0d1ad00004bd8ff32

  1. Becoming Everything by Dan Lowënstein
  2. 40 Seconds by Anaïsa Visser
  3. Somos by García JC
  4. The New Normal by Vince Buda
  5. Bàba by Stephanie Wong

Ticket link: https://watch.eventive.org/london/play/605cec2bb7d0ff0052d3f804


  1. Twenty Marks by Savas Alpaltun
  2. Kalimera by Yiannis Alexiou
  3. A Fairy Tale by Angeliqa Devi
  4. Daddy's Note by Gavin Irvine
  5. Shadow Boxer by Souvid Datta & Melanie Cura Daball

Ticket link: https://watch.eventive.org/london/play/605ce8822090ee0070e30ca4

  1. From A to Q by Emmalie El fadli
  2. Home by Robert Pugh
  3. The Downpour by Jade Courtney Edwards
  4. Ryderz by Aaron Wheeler
  5. Never Over - Harry Keyworth by Scott Chalmers

Ticket link: https://watch.eventive.org/london/play/605ce90fa7c5b5005ab14bb6

  1. H O P E ? by Julia-Maria Arnolds
  2. You Can't Stop Spirit by Vashni Korin
  3. Dinner with Dex by Olivia Cheng
  4. Stubborn Love by Jason Rego
  5. Isolated by Calypso Cragg

Ticket link: https://watch.eventive.org/london/play/605ce97ae5848c003ec3922c

  1. Dangling Man by Dino Kazamia
  2. Screw the Pooch by Amy Brandis
  3. The Pink Butterfly by John-Paul Conway
  4. When The West is Done With You by Phillip James Rousse
  5. Skin & Scales by Darcy Wallace

Ticket link: https://watch.eventive.org/london/play/605ce9c7a7c5b5005ab14c6b

  1. Outside The Glasshouse by Paul Brooking
  2. The Plan by Oliver McGuirk
  3. The United Guys Network by Tabatha Golat
  4. Death of a Submarine Captain by Daniel Cawthorne
  5. Little Boxes by Julia Henderson
  6. Yendor - The Journey of a Junior Adventurer by Rodney Matthews & Sarah Matthews

Ticket link: https://watch.eventive.org/london/play/605ceaea2090ee0070e30ef1

  1. Remembrance by Shane Joseph Willis
  2. Koreatown Ghost Story by Minsun Park & Teddy Tenenbaum
  3. The Bounty Killers by Mark Simmons
  4. Sang Jaune (Yellow Blood) by Julie Roy
  5. Sawa by Harinarayan Rajeev

Ticket link: https://watch.eventive.org/london/play/605cea9361f22d0029ef2b66

Submissions for 2022 now open!

Preview format must be digital online screener. Submit either through a festival submission platform’s internal screener (like Film Freeway) or via a hosting site like Vimeo. If you are unable/unwilling to use digital submission, please contact us and we’ll work something out.

If you are submitting more than one entry, a separate submission is required for each film, although they may be mailed together.

Deadlines: TBA


Fees for feature films are £65 early, £70 regular, £75 late.
Fees for short films are £40 early, £45 regular, £50 late.
Music videos and short shorts: £25 early, £30 regular, £35 late.
Fees for feature scripts are £40 early, £45 regular, £50 late.
Fees for short scripts are £25 early, £30 regular, £35 late.
Please send any related press materials, including electronic press kit, and photos to info@liff.org


The London Independent Film Festival is open to UK as well as international films in one of the following categories:

Best Low-budget Feature (over £100k)
Best Micro-budget Feature (under £100k)
Best No-Budget Feature (under £10k)
Best UK Feature
Best Documentary
Best Sci-Fi / Horror Feature
Best Female Director Feature
Best LGBT film
Best Short Film
Best UK Short
Best Short Documentary
Best Animated Short
Best Experimental Short
Best Short Short
Best Horror / Sci-Fi Short
Best Music Video
(b) Screenplay Award categories:
Best Feature Screenplay
Best Sci-Fi / Horror Screenplay
Best UK Screenplay
Best Short Screenplay
Best Screenplay Pitch

All stated information, eligibility and submission guidelines, terms and conditions of entry, and entry information is subject to change by the London Independent Film Festival, without notice.

NOTE: all film submissions are preferred via Film Freeway.

Past Reviews

Award-winning films

Audience Award for Best Feature – Guinea Pig Diaries by Suzanne Mitchell & OIympia Stone

Best Sci-Fi Feature – The Clearing by Stephanie Trainer

Best Micro-budget Feature – Under The Radar By Simon J Frith

Best LGBT Feature – Hometown Proud by Naida Osline & Tyler Stallings

Best Horror Feature – The Horror Crowd by Ruben Pla

Best Low-budget Feature – The Runner by Michelle Danner

Best Feature Documentary – (K)nox by Aaron Truss

Best UK Feature – Give Them Wings by Sean Cronin

Best Short Film: Jury Award – From A to Q by Emmalie El fadli

Best Short Film: Audience Award – Losing Grace by Athena Mandis

Best UK Short – Becoming Everything by Dan Lowënstein

Best Short Documentary – You Can’t Stop Spirit by Vashni Korin

Best Animated Short – Yendor -The Journey of a Junior Adventurer by Rodney Matthews & Sarah Matthews

Best Experimental Short -Skin & Scales by Darcy Wallace

Best Short Short – Benchmarks by William Grave

Best Sci-fi/Horror Short – Koreatown Ghost Story by Minsun Park & Teddy Tenenbaum

Best Music Video – Absence-Présence by Antonino Chiaramonte

Best International Screenplay – Melina Mercouri: I Was Born Greek by Melina Chiaverini

Best UK Screenplay – Bardo by Richard Douglas

Best Horror/Sci-fi Screenplay – Zero Anima by Michael J. Krym

Best UK Short (chosen by Twickenham Studios) – The Snow Maze
Best UK Short (chosen by RODE Microphones) – Prospect
Best UK Short (chosen by Directors UK) – Brother
Best Short Film – The Cunning Man
Best Short Documentary – A Failure Of The Imagination
Best Animated Short – Pei’s Morocco Vlog
Best Experimental Short – StuK
Best Short Short – Next
Best Sci-fi/Horror Short – Bad Dreams
Best Music Video – Idles

Best Low-Budget Feature – Philophobia

Best UK Feature – Kat & The Band

Best Documentary – A Soul Journey
Best Sci-fi/Horror Feature – Reborn
Best Production Design – Palindrome
Best LGBT Feature – Your Eyes On Me
Best Female-Director Feature – L’age D’or/The Golden Age

Best Screenplay – 12 Days by Chari Eglinton
Best Horror/Sci-fi Screenplay – The Dog Star by Laura Matthews

The prizes are as follows and correspond to the chosen 3 winners above:

Best UK Short – Twickenham Studios – a day’s Baselight grade (projected or monitor) with a master file output
Best UK Short – RODE Microphones – RODE VideoMic NTG, WS11 Deadcat, VC1 Cable and a Micro Boompole Pro.
Best UK Short – Directors UK – prize TBC

Best Animated Short – Edward

Best Horror/Sci-fi Short – Child

Best Experimental Short – Ghost Dance

Best LGBTQ Short – Care (ClexaCon)

Best Short Short – Samira

Best Short Documentary – Secret Times

Best UK Short – Held For A Moment (chosen by Directors UK) – The Therapist (chosen by Twickenham Studios) – This Little Death (first choice by RODE) – The Beach House (second choice by RODE) – The Bomb (third choice by RODE).

Best Short – 3 Sleeps (chosen by Kodak)

Best Micro-budget Feature – Soundtrack To Sixteen

Best Low-budget Feature – The Price For Silence

Best International Feature – Frontera

Best Documentary – Pluck

Best LGBT Film – Poised

Best UK Feature – Dead Unicorns

Best Feature Screenplay: Mustache by Laura Murphy & Eileen Mathews

Best UK Screenplay: Cabbie by Kat Magrowitz

Best Sci-Fi/Horror Screenplay: Cove by Thomas O’Malley

Best Short Screenplay: Cut by Emily Hason

Best UK Short – 833

Best Short Documentary – Rebirth Is Necessary

Best Short Short – Mrs Maxwell

Best Short Comedy – The Overcoat

Best Short – Just Molly & Me

Best Horror Short – Bride Of Frankie

Best Music Video – Surrender With Strength

Best Animated Short – Via

Best Newcomer – Natacha Horn for Swing

Best Horror Feature – The Isle

Best UK Feature – Winter Ridge

Best Visuals – Richard Gorodecky for Little Shit

Best Micro-Budget Feature – Luba

Best Low-Budget Feature – Winter Ridge

Best Documentary – Children Of The Snow Land

Best Actor In An International Film – Elon Mulaj for The Albanian Recruit





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