Award Winning Films

LIFF 2020 Award Winners!

Best UK Short (chosen by Twickenham Studios) – The Snow Maze
Best UK Short (chosen by RODE Microphones) – Prospect
Best UK Short (chosen by Directors UK) – Brother
Best Short Film – The Cunning Man
Best Short Documentary – A Failure Of The Imagination
Best Animated Short – Pei’s Morocco Vlog
Best Experimental Short – StuK
Best Short Short – Next
Best Sci-fi/Horror Short – Bad Dreams
Best Music Video – Idles

Best Low-Budget Feature – Philophobia
Best UK Feature – Kat & The Band
Best Documentary – A Soul Journey
Best Sci-fi/Horror Feature – Reborn
Best Production Design – Palindrome
Best LGBT Feature – Your Eyes On Me
Best Female-Director Feature – L’age D’or/The Golden Age

Best Screenplay – 12 Days by Chari Eglinton
Best Horror/Sci-fi Screenplay – The Dog Star by Laura Matthews

The prizes are as follows and correspond to the chosen 3 winners above:

Best UK Short – Twickenham Studios – a day’s Baselight grade (projected or monitor) with a master file output
Best UK Short – RODE Microphones – RODE VideoMic NTG, WS11 Deadcat, VC1 Cable and a Micro Boompole Pro.
Best UK Short – Directors UK – prize TBC

LIFF 2019 Award Winners!

Best Animated Short – Edward

Best Horror/Sci-fi Short – Child

Best Experimental Short – Ghost Dance

Best LGBTQ Short – Care (ClexaCon)

Best Short Short – Samira

Best Short Documentary – Secret Times

Best UK Short – Held For A Moment (chosen by Directors UK) – The Therapist (chosen by Twickenham Studios) – This Little Death (first choice by RODE) – The Beach House (second choice by RODE) – The Bomb (third choice by RODE).

Best Short – 3 Sleeps (chosen by Kodak)

Best Micro-budget Feature – Soundtrack To Sixteen

Best Low-budget Feature – The Price For Silence

Best International Feature – Frontera

Best Documentary – Pluck

Best LGBT Film – Poised

Best UK Feature – Dead Unicorns

Best Feature Screenplay: Mustache by Laura Murphy & Eileen Mathews

Best UK Screenplay: Cabbie by Kat Magrowitz

Best Sci-Fi/Horror Screenplay: Cove by Thomas O’Malley

Best Short Screenplay: Cut by Emily Hason

LIFF 2018

Award-Winning films:

Best UK Short – 833

Best Short Documentary – Rebirth Is Necessary

Best Short Short – Mrs Maxwell

Best Short Comedy – The Overcoat

Best Short – Just Molly & Me

Best Horror Short – Bride Of Frankie

Best Music Video – Surrender With Strength

Best Animated Short – Via

Best Newcomer – Natacha Horn for Swing

Best Horror Feature – The Isle

Best UK Feature – Winter Ridge

Best Visuals – Richard Gorodecky for Little Shit

Best Micro-Budget Feature – Luba

Best Low-Budget Feature – Winter Ridge

Best Documentary – Children Of The Snow Land

Best Actor In An International Film – Elon Mulaj for The Albanian Recruit