LIFF 2011

The London Independent Film Festival schedule for 2011 is:


Locked Out (60m)
dir. by Joan Sekler

Mila’s Journey (70m)
dir. by Annie Perkins

The Witches of Gambaga (55m)
dir. by Yaba Badoe

Treacle Jr. (85m)
dir. by Jamie Thraves

Gesmoord (Smothered) (81m)
dir. by Mieke Daneels

New Jersey Nightmares (88m)
dir. by Paula Williams

Jack Falls (105m)
dir. by Paul Tanter & Alexander Williams

Leila (85m)
dir. by Lesley Manning

Rebels Without a Clue (80m)
dir. by Ian Vernon

Being Sold (78m)
dir. by Phil Hawkins

The Honey Killer (84m)
dir. by Richard Harrison

SSDD: Same Shit Different Day (88m)
dir. by Greg Hall

Inspector Drake – The Movie (150m)
dir. by David Tristram

Harold’s Going Stiff (75m)
dir. by Keith Wright

The Drummond Will (81m)
dir. by Alan Butterworth

Frontman (105m)
dir. by Ben Hyland

Stealing Elvis (96m)
dir. by Ed Edwards

Zomblies (50m, United Kingdom)
dir. by David M. Reynolds


Connect (5m)
dir. by Samuel Abrahams

Partygirl (11m)
dir. by Tricia Stewart & James Gutierrez

Unearthed (22m)
dir. by Lindsay Harris & Stuart Leach

I Luv Matt Johnson (14m)
dir. by Jon Garbett

Sid’s Story (6m)
dir. by Paul Tanter

The Birthday Circle (5m)
dir. by Philip Lepherd

Mary and Dan (5m)
dir. by Will Tribble

40 Years (13m)
dir. by Russell Appleford

The Struggle Moseys On (5m)
dir. by Kay Stoneham

The American Way (15m)
dir. by Richard Theroux

My Mom Smokes Weed (18m)
dir. by Clay Liford

Dawn (5m)
dir. by Adam Samuel

Slashimi (13m)
dir. by Anthony Powell

Vacant Possession (11m)
dir. by Rob MacGillivray

Worm (11m)
dir. by Ryan Vernava

Endless (8m)
dir. by Matt Bloom

Stepping into the Stream (30m)
dir. by Barbara Klutinis

Dijireedub (4m)
dir. by Jonah Sugden & Jill Mckeagney

Consequences of the Kill (6m)
dir. by Oliver Goodrum

The Low Anthem (5m)
dir. by Charlie Darwin

A Cat Online (4m)
dir. by David Buchanan

This is Not a Plate (1m)
dir. by Alessia Travaglini

Winter Poem (7m)
dir. by Rok Predin

Possession (13m)
dir. by Kameron Webb

Deep Sleep (16m)
dir. by Alejandro Alvarez

Winter in the Garden (15m)
dir. by Jo Smyth

The Terms (12m)
dir. by Jason LaMotte

Desire (18m)
dir. by Drew Pautz

Thinking Straight (previously known as Girl Talk) (9m)
dir. by Ric Forster

3 Hours (14m)
dir. by Regan Hall

Alice (17m)
dir. by Marianne Elliot

Small Protests (10m)
dir. by Zillah Bowes

Guo’s Childhood (18m)
dir. by Pankaja Brooke

The Last Emperor (20m)
dir. by Guy Bolongaro

Bon Appitit (4m)
dir. by Kate Shenton

Next (5m)
dir. by Joshan Esfandiari Martin

Natural (7m)
dir. by Resul Keech

Love At First Sight (13m)
dir. by Michael Davies

Scent (16m)
dir. by Darren Bolton

Still Waters Run Deep (13m)
dir. by Michael St.John Savva

Winter Sun (10m)
dir. by Paul Jibson

Now Retired (14m)
dir. by Doug Rollins

Flood Light (13m)
dir. by Constantine Gras

Sometimes The Moon Is Velvet (16m)
dir. by Tom Phillips

Talk (9m)
dir. by Callie Lane

Grow Up (15m)
dir. by Ivan Madeira

Feet (9m)
dir. by A D Cooper

Ante (19m)
dir. by Chris Cronin

Apartment Eleven (22m)
dir. by Mark Player

Tricil – The Emancipation (4m)
dir. by Franck Trebillac