LIFF 2012

London Independent Film Festival 2012


Awards for 2012 go to:

Best Film (UK)
Sloane U’ren for DIMENSIONS

Best Director
Brett Harvey for WEEKEND RETREAT

Best Film (International)

Best Comedy Film
Metal Man for WIZARD’S WAY

Best Sci-Fi/Horror Feature
Tuyet Le for PATIENT 17

Best Micro-Budget Feature
Joeseph Baker and Tom Large for WOUNDED

Best Documentary
Mathew Charles & Juan Luis Passarelli for EUROPE’S LAST DICTATOR

Best No-Budget Feature
Alan Miller for KELLING BRAE

Best Actor/Actress
Indea Barbe-Willson for VERITY’S SUMMER

Best Short
Samuel Abrahams for HOLD ON ME

Best Short Documentary
Sue Clayton for HAMMEDULLAH

Best Sci-Fi/Horror Short Film
Danny Stack for ORIGIN

Best Music Video
Ian Pons Jewell for DISAPPOINT YOU

Best Short Short
Bittnarie Shin for AFTERGLOW

Best Animated Short
Gus Filgate & Paul Miller for FLORETTE

Best Screenplay (International)
Kevin Sanders for NEW YORK NIGHTMARE

Best Screenplay (UK)
Jerry Woo for IDENTITY

Best Sci-Fi / Horror Screenplay
Terry Speckham for DOORNAIL

Best Short Screenplay
Lorelie Deveroux for THE SECOND WONDER

Best Screenplay Pitch
Catherine Chechov for FIRST PERSON

2012 Official Selection


Bert and Arnie’s Guide to Friendship (86m)
dir. by Jeff Kaplan

Wounded (103m)
dir. by Tom & Joseph Baker

A Little Bit Zombie (87m)
dir. by Casey Walker

For Your Tomorrow (69m)
dir. by Don Clark

Kelling Brae (99m)
dir. by Alan Miller

Wizard’s Way (88m)
dir. by Metal Man

Europe’s Last Dictator (55m)
dir. by Mathew Charles & Juan Luis Passarelli

Dimensions: A Line, A Loop, A Tangle of Threads (96m)
dir. by Sloane U’Ren

Aleister Crowley : Legend of the Beast (90m)
dir. by Dom Lenoir

The Limelight (110m)
dir. by John Robson & Glen Maney

The Fighter’s Ballad (99m)
dir. by Tony Ukpo

Rose (115m)
dir. by Kemal Yildirim

Verity’s Summer (102m)
dir. by Ben Crowe

Axed (84m)
dir. by Ryan Lee Driscoll

Come On Eileen (90m)
dir. by Finola Geraghty

In Love with Alma Cogan (94m)
dir. by Tony Britten

Weekend Retreat (76m)
dir. by Brett Harvey

Patient 17 (78m)
dir. by Tuyet Le


Timeline (21m)
dir. by Will Ormerod

Hamedullah (22m)
dir. by Sue Clayton

Fire (4m)
dir. by Mason Jar

Florette (4m)
dir. by Gus Filgate & Paul Miller

Here’s to Mum (10m)
dir. by Catia Dal Poz

Home Movies (8m)
dir. by David Anderson

Tell Me About Your Day (14m)
dir. by Ed Christmas

Hangin’ (13m)
dir. by Danny Ezra Gonzalez

Factory (8m)
dir. by Jerzy Bielski

Boyfriend Audition (19m)
dir. by Chelsea Coles

Irrational Boy (3m)
dir. by Marcos Durian

Borrowed Time (4m)
dir. by Jack Castellaw

Summer Afternoon Lullaby (4m)
dir. by Marco Varriale & Lula Cancrini

Hold On Me (17m)
dir. by Samuel Abrahams

Help from the West (14m)
dir. by James Card

Taking Life (14m)
dir. by Steve Reeves

The Woman in the Red Dress (10m)
dir. by Naresh Devanshi

Our Life Together (25m)
dir. by Poppie Skold

Another Secret (17m)
dir. by daniel gentely

Up and Over (6m)
dir. by Russell Peet

Kidnap (23m)
dir. by Pankaja Brooke

Daydreams (4m)
dir. by Jack Hayter

Fizzy Lettuce (5m)
dir. by Alex Raskin

Do You Feel Lucky, Punk? (9m)
dir. by Torquil Jones

Housekeeping (11m)
dir. by Alex Sesma

Webbed (4m)
dir. by Maria Morancho

Cracked Eggs (13m)
dir. by Eric Loren

256 Steps (5m)
dir. by Jessie Hawkes

Madsin “Creeps” (4m)
dir. by Tielman Dewaele

Origin (14m)
dir. by Danny Stack

Another World (15m)
dir. by Piers Leigh

Yeku Remixed (5m)
dir. by Simon Lardie

Under The Rug (10m)
dir. by Jack Levy

Terms & Conditions (4m)
dir. by Isabella Giovinazzo

Moscow (9m)
dir. by Jade Carmen

Crossfire (3m)
dir. by Ed Edwards

This Ain’t California (3m)
dir. by Tonia Pound

Out of the Woods (10m)
dir. by Bledar Bujupi

Á meðan ég er ungur (ft. Emmsjé Gauti) (5m)
dir. by Arra Stefansson

For The Love of Him (15m)
dir. by Lynsey Baxter

Unremembered (15m)
dir. by Kelly Parslow

Ticking Boxes (9m)
dir. by Tadas Vidmantas

Hey Chihuahua (4m)
dir. by Brendan Cleaves

Citizen 54 (16m)
dir. by Douglas Christian

Come On (3m)
dir. by Vittoria Colonna Di Stigliano

Beneath (13m)

Under A Vest (6m)
dir. by Kal Bonner

Crystal Fighters – Follow (3m)
dir. by Ian Pons Jewell

Disappoint You (6m)
dir. by Ian Pons Jewell

Afterglow (3m)
dir. by Bittnarie Shin

Lab Rats (25m)
dir. by Sam Washington

Don’t Go Any Nearer (3m)
dir. by David N Pilling

Sushi/Taking Stock Pilot (5m)
dir. by Maeve Murphy

Severed Dreams (5m)
dir. by Ian Bucknole

Maloja (6m, France)

Is There Anybody Out There? (9m)
dir. by Erlend Palm

Deleting Emily (15m)
dir. by Zak Klein

CMX – Linnunrata (5m)
dir. by Misko Iho

Sunrise Avenue – I Don’t Dance (4m)
dir. by Misko Iho

Chisu – Sabotage (4m)
dir. by Misko Iho

10 Minutes (15m)
dir. by Charlie Bray

2007 (3m)
dir. by Joshua Westbury

The Greengrocer’s Apostrophe (5m)
dir. by Ian Godden & Adam Perchard

DeafBlind (15m)
dir. by Ewan Bailey

White Lies (30m)
dir. by Zaid Alkayat

Dropping Feathers (4m)
dir. by Egil Pedersen

Ivan (3m)
dir. by Marcos Villaseñor

The Obit Woman (33m)
dir. by Andi Reiss

House (3m)
dir. by Prano Bailey-Bond