LIFF 2015

London Independent Film Festival 2015

London Independent Film Festival 2015 Winners

The London Independent Film Festival wraps 12th season, and announces 2015 Awards

The 12th London Independent Film Festival announced its awards today, concluding an 11-day festival which showcased the best of low-budget filmmaking from the UK and abroad.
Director Tor Mian took the No-Budget Feature Prize at LIFF for his film THE MILKY WAY. The British dark comedy tells the story of a man whose life unravels just when everything seemed to finally be going his way. The comedy is Mian’s second feature and was shot for only £6000.
Actress Pearl Chanda won the festival’s Best Actor award for her feature film debut in THE FINAL HAUNTING, Flaminia Graziadei’s haunted house tale.
The Best International Film prize went to Steven Savage for VERTICAL, the story of an all-female rock climbing team. American filmmaker Sasha Krane won Best UK Feature for SOLITARY which follows a young woman facing her personal demons.
Director Russell England won Best Horror Film for his teen chiller UNHALLOWED GROUND, a paranormal mystery set in a British private school.
Jonathan Howells’ documentary ALFRED AND JAKOBINE — a love story set around the world-wide adventures of a London taxi — won the festival’s Best Feature Documentary. While James Kibbey won Best Micro-Budget Film for his THE LAST SPARKS OF SUNDOWN, a comedy about two American brothers who inherit an English manor house.

Festival Director Erich Schultz said: “Another year of absolutely fantastic low-budget films from around the world. I’m certain we’ll be seeing many great things from these filmmakers in the very near future”
Hosted at annually at the Shortwave and Genesis cinemas in downtown London, the 2015 London Independent Film Festival screened over 60 films. The festival highlights the best in low & micro-budget filmmaking every April and has been called: “A treasure trove of undiscovered cinematic gem and one of Europe’s top indie film fests” (British Film Magazine).

A full list of LIFF 2015 winners:

No-Budget Feature — THE MILKY WAY by Tor Mian

UK Feature — SOLITARY by Sasha Krane

Best Actor – Pearl Chanda in THE FINAL HAUNTING

Best Director – Simon Blake for STILL

International Feature – VERTICAL by Steven Savage

Sci-Fi/ Horror — UNHALLOWED GROUND by Russell England

Micro-Budget Feature — THE LAST SPARKS OF SUNDOWN by James Kibbey

Documentary — ALFRED AND JAKOBINE by Jonathan Howells

Short Documentary — Jordanne by Zak Razvi

UK Short — BEVERLEY by Alexander Thomas

International Short — THE WHEEL OF TIME by Kagan Kerimoglu

Horror Short — THE HERD by Melanie Light

Sci-Fi Short — AIR by Emma E. Maclennan

LGBT Film — PLAYING THE GAME by Jeremy Timings

Experimental Short — PEEP DISH by Darragh Mortell

Short Short — KILLER ROAD by Marco Clay

Animated Short — MY STUFFED GRANNY by Effie Pappa

UK Music Video — ALL IN THE VALUE by Geej Ower

International Music Video — STEAMPUNK Girl by Joshua Westbury

Best UK Screenplay — THE COMPETITORS by Ruth Greenberg

Best Sci-Fi Screenplay — THE FILE by Pim Nathan

Best International Screenplay — Shimmy by P.A Flanders

Best Short Screenplay — DREAMS OF TOMORROW by Cindy Walters

Best Screenplay Pitch — ZOG THE MAGNIFICENT by Prahib Sukoro