LIFF 2017

London Independent Film Festival 2017

LIFF 2017 Winners

Best No-Budget Feature — Seat 25 dir. by Nicholas Agnew
Best Micro-Budget Feature: Bittersuite dir. by Jan Hillman
Best UK Feature: A Caribbeen Dream by Shakirah Bourne
Best Documentary — The Moving Theatre dir: Eugene Hughes, Pia Jones & Ben Mallaby
Best International Film — Hicran and Melek dir. by Esra Vesu Ozcelik
Best Sci-Fi / Horror Feature — The Gatehouse by Martin Gooch
Best UK Short — Soldier Bee by Alex Hardy
Best LGBT film — B&B by Joe Ahearne
Best International Short Film — Pollution of the Heart by Oliwia Siemienczuk
Best LGBT Short — MUM dir. by Anne-Marie O’Connor
Best Short (Festival Director’s award) — Don’t Burn the Breakfast dir. by Daisy Stenham
Best Short (Jury Award) — Hit & Run dir. by Hannah Pike
Best Short Documentary — Second Sight by Nicki Chandris
Best Animated Short — The Lost Land and the Souls by Yoyo The Ricecorpse
Best Experimental Short — Colours by PD Dillion
Best Short Short — The Sleeping Field by Anna Peftieva
Best Sci-Fi Short — Homes of Hope by Junaid Syed
Best Music Video — Kais – “Ain’t Going Nowhere” by Richard Paris Wilson
Best Sci-Fi / Horror Screenplay — Pool Monster by Javiar Hernandez
Best UK Screenplay — Up North by Patty Mcintey
Best Feature Screenplay — Elephants In The Room by Patricia Cori
Best Short Screenplay — 256 Seconds by Benji Kaplan

All Feature Films and Shorts Blocks cost £8 per ticket at Shortwave, and £5 at Genesis.
Once you’ve paid for your Shortwave tickets via paypal, your name will be added to the guest list for that screening. Your paypal receipt is your proof of purchase. No physical tickets are issued.


Thursday April 13
Feature: B&B
dir: Joe Ahearne

Friday April 14
Homes of Hope by Junaid ‘Jay’ Syed
Little Thief by Xavier Guignard
Singularity by Isher Sahota
Storgē by Hendrik Ehlers
An American Attorney in London by Darrell Alden
RUM by Russell Haigh
I am not the Devil by Samuel Smith
Cable: Chronicles of Hope by Harry & George Kirby SHORTS BLOCK 1
Time: 18:00 (75 min)
Location: Shortwave

BiNARY by Paula Romy Riemann
Hit & Run by Hannah Pike
Ophelia’s End by Jacqueline Pepall
Cross Your Fingers by Yun Joo Chang
Rink by Gail Hackston SHORTS BLOCK 2
Time: 19:30 (75 min)
Location: Shortwave

Feature: SEAT 25
dir: Nicholas Agnew
SCI FI: Faye Banks is lost in a world in which she doesn’t belong. When her imagination leads her to enter a competition to win a one way ticket to Mars, the consequences will change her life forever.
Time: 21:15 (83 min)
Location: Shortwave

Saturday April 15
The Fuzz by Grant Alexander King
Feminists Walking The City by Jan Haaken & Maggie O’Neill
Dog On A Leash by Gareth Blower
Don’t Burn the Breakfast by Daisy Stenham
Shake It Off by Sian Astor-Lewis
The lost land and the souls by Yoyo The Ricecorpse
The Singer’s Tale by Barry J. Gibb SHORTS BLOCK 3
Time: 18:00 (75 min)
Location: Shortwave

Second Sight by Nicki Chandris
Donald Mohammed Trump by Darragh Mortell
Ruby by Rod Lewis
The Backseat by Miranda Howard-Williams
Colours by PD Dillion
Lights by William Bloomfield
The Sleeping Field by Sam Hurlock & Joe Beverley SHORTS BLOCK 4
Time: 19:30 (75 min)
Location: Shortwave

dir: Nicholas  Winter

Time: 21:15 (90 min)
Location: Shortwave

Sunday April 16
MUM by Anne-Marie O’Connor
The Lower Depths by Mike Ellis
True Value by Alix Austin
Fred’s Shed by Stephen Graves
Nudinits – Tickled Pink by Sarah Simi
Cupids by Angelo Calarco SHORTS BLOCK 5
Time: 18:00 (75 min)
Location: Shortwave

Malawi Gold by Alice McCool
Twisted Sobriety by Steve Hally
La Lune Folle (Crazy Moon) by Meneka Das
Multi Story by Kieran Chauhan
Loves Lost by Leo DeHaan
Canned by Kirsty Robinson SHORTS BLOCK 6
Time: 19:30 (75 min)
Location: Shortwave

Thursday April 20
Feature: Hicran & Melek
dir: Esra Vesu Ozcelik

Time: 18:00 (117 min)
Location: Genesis Cinema

Love Somehow by Kate Cheeseman
Soldier Bee by Alex Hardy
Squares by Bernard Kordieh
Where Did You Go? by Jay Joseph Jones
Death Lies On Her by Uppili Raghavachari GENESIS SHORTS BLOCK
Time: 21:00 (75 min)
Location: Genesis Cinema

Friday April 21
By Any Other Name by Laurence Green
God’s Own Children by Michael Lindley
A Musical Confession by Martin Sandahl
A Pig in a Cage on Antibiotics by Annamaria Pennazzi
Adrenaline by Adam Brashaw
Arcade Girl by Tze Hao Wong SHORTS BLOCK 7
Time: 18:00 (75 min)
Location: Shortwave

Pegah by Javid Rezai
A Hidden Stone by Chris Acton
Osteopathy by Alastair Train
Cul-De-Sac by Nick Flügge
Dam by Conan Mcivor
Fairweather by Vittoria Rizzardi Penalosa
In Time by Barnaby Boulton SHORTS BLOCK 8
Time: 19:30 (75 min)
Location: Shortwave

dir. by Shakirah  Bourne
DRAMA: A re-imagining of Shakespeare’s magical fairy tale ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ in a contemporary setting, under a full moon and during a Caribbean Festival in Barbados.
Time: 21:15 (80 min)
Location: Shortwave

Saturday April 22
The Chanctonbury Ring by Martin Hession
Visiting Hours by Eva-Marie Kung
Wrong Direction by Abbie Lucas
Out of the Blue by Darren S Cook
Kais – “Ain’t Going Nowhere” by Richard Paris Wilson
Transient or: The Winter of Discontent by Jerome Bell
Repossessed by John Danvoye SHORTS BLOCK 9
Time: 18:00 (75 min)
Location: Shortwave

24 Days of Torture by Vik & Nes Collective
Jessamine by George Akers
Pollution of the Heart by Oliwia Siem
The Finest Red by Adrian Tauss
The Gun Man by Jo Southwell

Shorts Block 10
Time: 19:30 (75 min)
Location: Shortwave

The Gatehouse
dir. by Martin Gooch

Time: 21:15 (90 min)
Location: Shortwave

Sunday April 23
Feature: The Moving Theatre
dir: Eugene Hughes, Pia Jones & Ben Mallaby

Time: 18:00 (50 min)
Location: Genesis Cinema

LIFF AWARDS PARTY  Time: 20:00 (30 min)
Location: Genesis Cinema here  Free Entry

Feature: Bittersuite
dir: Jan Hillman
DRAMA:  Three friends move a sofa, by hand, across London – Slowest. Road. Trip. Ever.
Time: 21:30 (70 min)
Location: Genesis Cinema