Schedule 2019


Tickets available on the Genesis Cinema website
Workshops/masterclasses/panels £5 each
Shorts blocks £8 each
Feature films £10 each
Weekend passes £50 each
Full festival passes £100 each
Networking in the bar outside other event times, and Opening and Closing Night parties FREE!
Opening Night Party 
Come and party and support indie film-making! There will be networking and talking about all things film!
Feature Film: Soundtrack To Sixteen, by the Shakespeare Sisters
A coming-of-age story set in London in the Noughties. Maisy is
self-conscious and constantly overanalyzing, mortified by her romantic
inexperience. Ben is happy being a nerd and thinking he’s better than
everyone else until his grades start plummeting. They meet on the
night bus and form a tumultuous friendship as exams loom.

Grading Masterclass hosted by Twickenham Studios
Masterclass about grading and the collaboration between the grader and the Director of Photography. With Jon Muschamp Director of Photography and Tom Cairns from Twickenham Studios.
Sound Masterclass hosted by RØDE Microphones
RØDE Microphones brand manager and YouTuber Alex Theakston will present ‘Professional Sound for Absolute Beginners’ – an total-beginners crash course in recording audio for film. Covering microphone types, proper microphone techniques and common mistakes, and how to use the most important audio processing tools to get your finished recordings sounding their absolute best.
Shorts Block 1
Kindling by Emma Catalfamo
Mr Punchbag. by Shirit Kedar, Frank Burke & Gavin O’ Brien.
Positive Action by Alasdair McWilliams
You’ve Got To Be Kitten Me by AJ Lamb
Shorts Block 2
The Beach House by Richard Naylor
A Boy A Man and A Kite by Adam Matalon
The Box by Christopher L. Cook
The Therapist by Ron Eyal
Feature Film: The Price For Silence (2018). Directed by Tony Germinario
After the death of her father, a troubled woman returns home to confrontthe family who paid for her silence.

Discussion with 2018 BAFTA-winning Casting Director Claire Bleasdale and Director Colin O’Toole
Q&A with Casting Director Claire Bleasdale and Director Colin O’Toole who made the BAFTA-winning short film Cowboy Dave. They will discuss the process of making the film and casting the lead character, and the way in which they brought the script to life through their collaboration.
Discussion on the Representation of LGBTQ on Screen hosted by Helen Oakleigh
Helen is an actor and writer who has worked on countless shows over the years but more recently have finally included many more which include Queer representation including “Different For Girls” and “As We Are”. She has also performed live at a large number of queer venues with both cabaret and spoken word. 
Shorts Block 3
The Last by Samuel Turner & Andrew Dobson
Child by Ben Kent
An Affable Devil by Alexander Newman & Richard Newman
Delicacy by Michael Middleton-Downer
This Little Death by Alex Hardy
Shorts Block 4
The Date by Emmalie El Fadli
Cake by Anne Hu
Tomato & Eggs by Nicole Tay
Girl Talk by Erica Rose
Care by April Wilson
Feature Film: Poised (2018). Directed by Robert Cairns
In a complex tale of interweaving relationships, a Greek immigrant in London explores the meaning of what it is to love and heal. 
Poised follows the story of Aris, a gay Occupational Therapist who carries the weight of a previous relationship gone wrong. Yet, a chance encounter with Richard seems to allow him the chance to love again. As Aris’ relationship with Richard deepens, so too does his friendship with Anna, a patient in his care who suffers from a rare neurological syndrome that leaves her paralysed. 
Anna recovers the use of her limbs, but finds that she has come to rely on Aris for much more than just his support. In fact, her discovery that her husband has been unfaithful during her illness triggers the realisation that her feelings for Aris are romantic. The ties that bind emotion and propriety begin to unravel, and the tangled net that is woven will hold a secret that will catch them all. 

Masterclass on writing a successful festival strategy hosted by Festival Formula
Ian and Katie will talk about festivals in general, strategy, budget and submission materials 
Discussion on the respesentation of women on screen
Helen is passionate about equal representation of all genders on screen. She has worked on hundreds of shows on screen, stage and radio and also works as a spoken word artist with a book of poetry called Equality. 
Shorts Block 5
Thanks for the Memories by Louis Norton Selzer
Unclasped by Aella Jordan-Edge
Olympians by Meghan Sunder & Amit Gupta
Cashpoint by Monique Needham
Mens Sana by Ludovica Musumeci
Shorts Block 6
The Bomb by Martin Richards
The Critic by Stella Velon
Ghost Dance by Emilia Izquierdo
A Portrait of the Artist Angus Fairhurst by Saam Farahmand
Risk by Luke Bradford
Feature Film: Pluck (2018). Directed by Lloyd Ross
A film not really about the chicken. Pluck is a documentary using a chronology of the best of Nando’s edgy marketing campaigns to tell a whimsical, alternative socio-political history of South Africa.

Pitch Panel
An opportunity for selected film-makers to pitch projects to the professionals. You don’t have to pitch, but if you would like to, you will need to submit a one-page proposal to us including a synopsis, genre, biographies, project status, cast, format, etc. Email will be updated soon!
Shorts Block 7
Clarity and Chaos by Vittoria Rizzardi Penalosa
3 Sleeps by Christopher Holt
Edward by Jerome Bell
Secret Times by Montanah Blue
There Are No Dividends by Joe Haughey
Shorts Block 8
Samira by Lainey Richardson
The Millennial Disruption by Somi Arian
One by Luke Bradford
Only the Lonely by Clare Holman
Held For A Moment by Edward Japp
Feature film: Frontera (2018). Directed by Jake Thomas Armbruster
After their father (public figure and arms dealer to the cartel) passes away, two brothers on the opposite sides of the law are forced to reunite. One struggles to keep his fathers secrets as he runs on a political campaign, the other is forced into his old business.

Challenge Trinity hosted by Directors UK in collaboration with ARRI
In November last year, four Directors UK members were chosen to shoot a movie in one day, in one uninterrupted shot. In partnership with ARRI, they were each equipped with a TRINITY, holding an ALEXA LF or ALEXA Mini with Signature Prime lenses, and teamed up with experienced, top-notch TRINITY operators. The selected winners and their films were: Diego Barraza  – The Letter , Daphne Schmon + Emily Carlton – Exit To Stage, Martin Gooch – A Midwinter Night’s Dream & Luke Bradford – One.
Join us for a screening of all four shorts, and hear from the directors themselves as they discuss their challenge experience.  
Feature Film: Dead Unicorns (2019). Directed by Ian Fielding.
When Amy, a struggling artist, hears of the disappearance of her
beloved mentor, she is determined to discover her whereabouts. As she
penetrates the lives of her peers, delving deep into the murky
underbelly of the contemporary art world, she finds herself caught in
a web of deceit, corruption and murder, where all signs point to a
dark secret from her own past.
Awards Ceremony and Closing Night Party
Come and celebrate indie film with an awards ceremony for this year’s winners, prizes donated by our sponsors, and lots of meeting the film-makers and networking opportunities! 

All tickets:

This year’s LIFF will run at Genesis Cinema 5th-14th April!