Schedule March 2020


Tickets are available via the links below:
Workshops/masterclasses/panels £5 each
Shorts blocks £8 each
Feature films £10.50 each
Weekend passes £35 each (must be purchased at cinema)
Full festival passes £65 each (must be purchased at cinema)
Networking in the bar outside other event times, and Opening and Closing Night parties FREE!
FRIDAY 13TH March 2020
Opening Night Party
Come and party and support indie film-making! There will be networking and talking about all things film!
Feature: Golden Age, dir. by Jenna Suru + Q&A
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DRAMA. May 1967. A penniless Franco-American producer living in Los Angeles returns to Paris, following in his mother’s footsteps to flee the Vietnam War. He meets an ambitious French theatre actress, who acts in small Parisian theatres in front of empty seats. Both desperate to change the world, they decide to embark on an artistic project together, ending up in a small village in the South of France: Saint-Tropez. In this village tinged with artistic revolution and music, the experiences they have together will soon force them to face up to their choices. How far are they willing to go to change this world that doesn’t work for them?

Grading Masterclass hosted by Twickenham Studios
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Masterclass about grading and the collaboration between the grader and the Director of Photography. Hosted by Twickenham Studios.
Shorts Block 1 (followed by Q&A in the bar)
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Neext! by Leoni Tenius
Prospect by James Bone & James Lacy
The Air Before We Speak by Pip King & Lib Papworth
A Failure of the Imagination by Matt Hopkins
Bad News by Markus Meedt
Dazedly by Anona Langa
Wheels by Smari Gunn
Assassin by Jenny Xueer Wan
Film Club Pop-Up for Palindrome hosted by Les Flicks
Join our friendly group of lesbian & bisexual women for our monthly film and lunch club in various locations across the UK
More info at Les Flicks…
Shorts Block 2 (followed by Q&A in the bar)
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Doorbells and Gunshots by Michael Hanratty
Green – Cavetown by Guy Larsen & Taha Khan
Pollie Has the Keys by Liz Kingsman
Surprise by Bojan Brbora
The History of Nipples by Bailey Tom Bailey
Crash Landing by Maxwell Harris-Tharp & William Miller
Divided We Scroll by Klaas Diersmann
Special Delivery by Robert Hackett
The Glove by Luisa Pretolani
Feature: Palindrome, dir by Marcus Flemmings+ Q&A
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DRAMA. The story of young black man Fred as he struggles to find freedom in modern Britain. Mirroring this is a story about a female artist in modern England who is contemplating the true meaning of art. Set against the backdrop of Brexit and it’s impending doom! The film tackles subjects such as the meaning of current slavery, gentrification, art, love, race, mental health and politics.

PANEL: What makes a successful short film?
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Panel discussion with the following festival directors:
Philip Ilson, Director of the London Short Film Festival which he co-founded in 2004
Mark Brennan, Director of the Exit 6 Film Festival, an annual short film showcase now in its 5th year that has been on the FilmFreeway Top 100 Best Reviewed Film Festivals list since the list began.
Paul McEvoy, Director of FrightFest
Alida Pantone, Director of the London Rolling Film Festival which is in its 10th year this year and will be held in 10 cities worldwide.
PANEL: Film Business
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Film-makers will receive an insight into the business side of the film industry. Panel members will range from producers to sales agents to distributors. Panel TBC. 
Shorts Block 3 (followed by Q&A in the bar)
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5 Reasons by Shane Gentles
Ayahuasca by Alex Morris
Engaged by Daniel Rickard
Donkey’s Memory by Carolina Pribanic
Fool’s Errand by Tomasz Aleksander
No body by Haemin Ko
The Deal by Syd Heather
Les by Olivia Bernhardt Brogan
Stripit by Lucrezia Pollice
Shorts Block 4 (followed by Q&A in the bar)
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Home From Home by Olivia Hetreed
STuK by Nadira Murray
The Easy Lift by Sam Bradford
The Cunning Man by Zoë Dobson
White Gold by Luke Bradford
Why by Alexander Igbanoi
Feature: Reborn, dir by Julian Richards + Q&A
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HORROR. A stillborn baby girl is brought back to life by an electrical storm and then abducted from hospital by a morgue attendant. On her sixteenth birthday, empowered with the gift to manipulate electricity with her mind, she escapes her captor and sets out to find of her birth mother, leaving a bloody trail of destruction behind her.

PANEL: The Lack of Women Camera Operators in the UK
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Hosted by WFTV – A panel on the issue of the  lack of women working in camera departments throughout the industry and exploring what can be done to change this. Last year, in total, there was only one female camera operator on all the British feature films that were made  –  a really shocking statistic.

Host and panel members TBC
Shorts Block 5 (followed by Q&A in the bar)
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Talk To  Me by Dan Henshaw
Idles – Never Fight a Man With a Perm by Al Brown
Homage to a Talented Man by Adam Logan
Ji by Ben Griffin
Take Me by Claire Norowzian
Magicland by Celia Willis & Emily Stein
Martin by Ginevra Gentili-Elsworthy
Pei’s Morocco Vlog by FangLing Pei
Star Wars: Origins by Phil Hawkins
Feature: A Soul Journey, dir by Marco Della Fonte + Q&A
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DOCUMENTARY. Every year, in the last 30 years, some of the greatest “legends” of Soul and R&B have performed at Porretta Soul in Italy — the most prestigious festival in Europe for this music.

“A Soul Journey” is a film narrating some aspects of the intricate and delicate lives of these artists, and in particular, their artistic, human and emotional journeys to perform in such a small village “lost” in the Italian mountains. 

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Shorts Block 6 (followed by Q&A in the bar)
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Cut Off by Nick Flugge
Just A Girl by Claudia Grace McKell
Office Song by Marcus Markou
The Sacrifice by Shona Dutta Charlton
The Snow Maze by Sam Cadman
White Light by Richard Nik Evans
Shorts Block 7 — HORROR FILMS (followed by Q&A in the bar)
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Bad Dreams by Stuart Fryer
Black Moon by Ryan Graff
Midnight by Katie Bonham
Patron by Emily Haigh & Alon Young
Reverse by Jake Francis
Shapeshifter by Ned Wolfgang Kelly
Sleep Tight by Lewis Taylor
Stakeout by Harry Orme
Widow by Tulsi Shivaanand
Feature: Your Eyes On Me, dir by Sergei Alexander + Q&A
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DRAMA. A story about a drag queen named Gloria whose life changes when she meets Kandi, a drag virgin auditioning for her next show. Suddenly the past and the choices Gloria made as a young man become a stark reality.

MASTERCLASS: Screenwriting with Bob Schultz
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Bob Schultz has spent more than a decade as a screenwriter, producer, screenwriting professor, and organizer of more than 25 screenwriting conferences in Canada, the USA, and the UK, including the 2020 London Screenwriters’ Festival this April. He has taught screenwriting, pitching, story structure, and independent producing in a dozen countries around the world. 
TALK: Distributing and marketing your film online
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Chris Olson from UK Film Channel – Chris Olson, Founder of UK Film Review and UK Film Channel, will go through the fundamentals of distributing and marketing your film online. Covering an array of areas, from digital marketing and social media, to online VOD platforms and self-distribution, this is a class to help get your film found.
Shorts Block 8 (followed by Q&A in the bar)
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1814 Frost Fair by Julia Fullerton-Batten
Brother by Tulsi Shivaanand
Reclaimer by Laurie Waplington
The Voodoo Man by Jason Farries
Manufacturer of Dreams by Hanxuan Jiang
Never Walk Alone by Jacqueline Pepall
Nobody’s Darling by Sophia Carr-Gomm
Chopper by Giorgos Kapsanakis
Shorts Block 9 — SCI FI FILMS (followed by Q&A in the bar)
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End Point by Rafael Cortes
Geneticide by Sammy Ofori-Attah
Origami by Jemma Gross
Rueful Warrior by Mark Owen
Seechers by Natalie Kavanagh
This Time Away by Magali Barbe
Time’s Up by Callum Metcalfe
Feature: Philophobia, dir by Guy Davies + Q&A
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DRAMA. Set in the rolling hills of the English countryside, Philophobia is a picture of small town adolescence. One week of school remains for Kai, an aspiring writer, and his friends. How they chose to spend this time will cost one of them their life and leave them all changed forever.

3PM – 5:30PM (in the bar)
PANEL: Acting Sucks: The stuff they never taught you at drama school
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Acting Sucks will start with a talk on the casting process from the other side, to help you understand what you can control and improve to help you improve your chances of success. We’ll then have a panel discussion on surviving and thriving as an actor, covering everything from audition technique to headshots, muggle jobs to mental health.

Rob Ostlere is the author of “The Actor’s Career Bible: Auditioning, Networking, Survival & Success”.
Jack Silver is an Offie-nominated film and theatre director, award-nominated writer, box-office record-holding producer, and a working actor.
Additional panel members TBC.
Feature: Kat and the Band, dir by E. E. Hegarty + Q&A
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COMEDY. Music obsessed, Kat Malone (Ella Hunt) has big dreams. With bold dedication and a contagious energy, Kat longs to be a professional band manager and courageously sets out to achieve her goal. There’s one problem… she’s still at school.
Awards Ceremony and Closing Night Party
Come and celebrate indie film with an awards ceremony for this year’s winners, prizes donated by our sponsors, and lots of meeting the film-makers and networking opportunities! 

This year’s LIFF will run at Genesis Cinema 13th-22th March 2020!